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Fat Loss Diets For Different Body Types

In 1940, a psychologist and numismatist named Dr. William H. Sheldon proposed a theory that a human’s physique can be classified into three categories – the ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Having that said, we all should know that with every body type there is a corresponding fat loss diet and to be able to follow the correct fat loss diets designed for each body type you should first identify your physique.

According to Dr. Sheldon, an ectomorph is usually an active person with a small built of skeletal frames, their bodies need a lot of calorie to help restore all the energy that they use, but since most of them do not eat enough and they most likely have a very low level of body fat, they would normally appear skinny. A mesomorph on the other hand, would appear very athletic and pleasing, it’s like they have the best of both worlds; they can build muscle mass faster than ectomorphs and lose weight or body fat quicker than an endomorph. While endomorphs tend to appear soft and pear-shaped; they gain weight and get fat faster than the endomorphs and mesomorphs and would usually have a hard time losing weight and unwanted fat; aside from that, they are also blessed with a large bone structure making them big and strong.

The ideal fat loss diets for the ectomorphs would not need as much cardiovascular training than that of the other body types; since they lose fat quickly, simply walking or cycling is good enough even if it is done everyday, they just have to keep in mind that if they still want to build muscles, they would want to stay out of intense cardiovascular training as it can slow an ectomorphs recovery from the lost calories that they would be needing in order to form a muscle. In terms of food, a 20 percent calorie restriction is one of the best solutions; remember that a very low calorie is not really good for it would burn muscle alongside with the unwanted fat. An ectomorph would most likely be aiming for fat loss diets that would help lose fat without losing their muscle.

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Fat loss diets focused in an intense cardiovascular workout and limited weight lifting is for the mesomorphs since they lose weight and fat as fast as an ectomorph; with self discipline and regular workout, mesomorphs can easily achieve a body that they would truly love. In eating habits, mesomorph would want to stay on a diet with 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat, and 40 percent of carbohydrates balance for full supply of the nutrients needed by their body to keep a healthy and lean physique and facilitate the growth of their muscles.

Lastly, the endomorphs would want to start their workout with high intensity cardiovascular trainings for three to six times a week or train with weight for three times a week and high intensity cardio training for the remaining three days in a week. When it comes to their eating habits, one should avoid eating late at night and eat small amounts of food frequently and avoid eating foods that contain saturated fats.

These diets would only be successful if one is determined to lose that excess baggage and without proper knowledge on how to do so properly, you are only risking your health. Try consulting a dietitian for a more successful outcome.

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