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Fitness= Nutrition + Exercise

Living healthy life style is a major key to live with a
healthy body. The foods we eat, the activities we do everyday
and our exposure to harmful chemicals (pollution) in the
environment affects us physiologically which soon if not
given proper attention will take a toll on our functionality
to every task we do daily. So what should we do in order to
have a healthy life style? Let us tackle first the foods.
Foods may be good or bad to our health, a fact undeniably
true to every sense. If your diet includes rich consumption
of meat, you are most likely increasing your chance of
acquiring cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. However, meat
is the primary source of protein which is very essential for
the health of the muscular system; deficiency of this
nutrient can cause hypotension, sudden drop of weight and
liver cirrhosis. Busy people tend to get things in
convenient; instead of cooking nutritious foods they prefer
commercial food products. Commercial foods have undergone
process to prolong its edibility with the use of
preservatives. They are usually containing trans fat and
higher level of monosodium glutamate (MSG) that if taken with
less moderation can cause kidney infection. Activities; how
we utilize our body to every activity we are engaged everyday
affects both negatively and positively our body. People
working in the office are prone to getting their weights
increased compare to those of the job that cause sweating
which is a good way to burn fats and condition the
Pollution affects the health of the nervous system. If you
are heavy smoker with direct exposure to pollutants from car
engine smoke and factories you are in great possibility to
acquiring lung related diseases. In addition to the factors
affecting our physical health is the mental health. Depressed
person tends to either overeat or otherwise which may affect
weight. Living a healthy life is so easy and it goes with
engaging ourselves to wellness and fitness. Nutrition plays
an important role to our health. Without it, the fitness we
desire is impossible. There are so many options to choose
from to make us fit. Going to gym; hire a personal trainer to
teach you the best exercise. Eating a healthy diet and
avoiding vices like smoking and liquor drinking. Fitness can
be achieved through proper nutrition and exercise. Your
motivation to do these things will determine how fit you will

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Jillian Michaels is a world renowned fitness trainer
first gained popularity through the reality show The
Biggest Loser.

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