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Five Types of Foods That Can Not Be Eaten before Bedtime

Whether you can have a good sleep at night or not is closely
related with what you have eaten at supper. A lot of clinical
nutritionists also have pointed out that, one of the important
reasons which lead to sleep disorders is eating some
inappropriate foods at supper. Then, what foods should you eat
at supper so as to help you sleep well, or what kinds of food
will make you sleepless at night? Following are some typical

First, foods that contain caffeine
Many people know that foods which contain some amount of
caffeine not only will stimulate the nervous system, but also
has some diuretic effect, which is one of the common reasons
that lead to insomnia.

Second, spicy foods
In fact, in addition to the caffeine, if you eat a lot of spicy
foods at dinner, it is also one of the important factors that
affect the sleeping quality. Such type of foods includes
pepper, garlic, onions and so on. These spicy foods can cause a
burning sensation in the stomach or indigestion, which will
further affect the sleep at night.

Third, greasy foods
If you eat too much greasy foods at supper, it will increase
the burden on the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and
pancreas, and will stimulate the nerve center, so as to make it
stay in the working condition all the time. All these factors
can lead to insomnia.

Fourth, foods which will bring a satiety feeling
There are some foods that will produce a lot of gas in the
digestive process, which will result in abdominal
distension feeling of the body, thus disrupting the normal
sleep at night. This kind of foods includes beans, Chinese
cabbage, onions, corn, banana, and so on.

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Fifth, liquor
It has ever been considered by many people that drinking some
liquor before going to bed can promote the sleep. While the
recent research shows that, although drinking some liquor can
make people fall asleep very quickly, however, it can only make
the sleep condition stay in the light sleep phase,
and will be difficult to enter into the deep sleep
phase. As a result, for those who are used to drinking liquor
before bedtime, even if their sleep time is relatively very
long, but when they wake up, they will still feel very

In a word, in order to have a good sleep at night, you should
try to keep away from the above foods at supper. Instead, you
should eat some foods which can promote sleep, such as cereal,
milk, and so on.

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