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Foods That Cause Weight Gain

What you eat during the day has a huge impact on our health. The foods may be causing weight gain, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer. Some of the most foods may cause you  to gain more weight.

Knowing what to eat to gain weight is essential for putting on the pounds. Below is a list of common foods that cause weight gain. It is best to try each food separate from the others to see how your body will react.

1. Sweets

Cut out the sweets. Any type of ice cream, donuts, cakes or candy should be cut from your diet. If you do not burn the sugar, it will store as fat in your body and sugar is very hard to burn. These food can  trigger an increase in weight of 0.41 pounds every four years.

2. White Flour Products

White flour products, including white bread and buns, are disastrous to your waistline. They are pure refined carbohydrates that have little value and boost your sugar levels, triggering an insulin release to help store the fat. Eat them every day will lead to weight gain of 0.39 pounds every four years.

3. Fruit juice in packages
It sounds healthy and refreshing. However, fruit juice in packages have been mixed with lots of sugar. Drinking fruit juice in containers every day will make the body weight increase by 0.31 pounds every four years.

4. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods also cause weight gain. The fat content of a food usually means high calories as well. But choosing a food that claims to be low in fat or fat-free can also have a high caloric count due to added sugars for taste.

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5. Soft drinks

Drinking excessive amounts of soda can cause weight gain. Soda has at least nine teaspoons of sugar per 12 oz. can. If a person who drank three cans of soda a day stopped just that habit, they would lose two pounds a week. People who drink diet soda can develop a metabolic syndrome that causes obesity. Consumption of soft drinks every day triggers weight gain of 1 pound every four years.

6. Fried foods

Fried foods, like french fries and fried chicken, are high in fat and calories. You will store these extra calories as fat and you’ll gain weight. Research shows that consuming fried foods can contribute to weight gain of 0.36 pounds every four years.

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