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Foods That Help With IVF

If you are about to undergo, or considering IVF treatment, you
will naturally want to do everything possible to maximize your
chances of success. There are certain foods that help with IVF
and, of course, certain things you should not eat.

It is important to start changing your diet as soon as
possible. Ideally, you would be preparing for IVF a few months
beforehand and therefore modifying what you eat for the better.
Having said this, better late than never and even if you begin
eating correctly as you begin your procedure this is better
than not at all.

A number of common sense principles apply when it comes to
foods that help with IVF. You must ensure that what you eat can
boost your chances of success rather than detract from them and
this means eating foods which are known to be healthy and
avoiding empty calories, additives and processed foods.

It is important to eat organically produced foods wherever
possible and if you can’t, wash all produce well and thinly
peel if appropriate. Your diet should include plenty of fresh
fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, brown rice, nuts, seeds,
lentils and sprouting beans. Avoid refined carbohydrates, such
as white flour, white rice, cakes, cookies and anything which
contains trans-fats.

Other foods that help with IVF include healthy oils, such as
sunflower and olive oil. Low fat dairy foods can also be
beneficial as can lean organic meat. One “wonder food” for IVF
is pineapple. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain
which can reduce inflammation and is said to improve the odds
of successful implantation.

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Elena writes on a range of issues relating to female health
and fertility.

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