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Foods That Risk Obesity

Obesity is often caused by overeating, but did
you know that it is also the result of not eating the right
kinds of foods. There are many foods that will cause you to
gain weight even if you don’t overeat. Here are some foods that
you should eliminate from your diet to help you get control of
your weight and lose weight if necessary.

Junks Foods

The reason you crave junk foods is simply because your body is
so depleted of nutrients that it needs energy fast, and junk
foods such as sugar, chocolate, chips and other unhealthy
snacks or desserts will give your body that immediate rush of
energy and satisfaction that it needs.

But this energy wears off very quickly and as soon as it does,
you are left craving for more. Thus it ends in a vicious cycle
and ultimately causes you to gain weight.

Fast Foods

Fast foods might as well be put into the same category as junk
foods, as they are high in unhealthy fats, lots of empty
calories and are heavily processed. And like most junk foods
they will give you an immediate boost of energy, only to have
you feeling sluggish and miserable after.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are foods that you can buy in neat packages,
boxes, packets, cans and bottles. But all of these foods
contain preservatives and other food additives that are foreign
to the body. Anything that is foreign to the body will become
toxic in your body. Your body then has to neutralize those
toxins so that they can be eliminated. If your body is unable
to neutralize and eliminate them, then they get wrapped up in
fat cells to be stored away from the organs.

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The only foods that will help you to neutralize these toxins
are living foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts and
seeds. You should eat these foods raw whenever possible for the
most benefit.

Animal Proteins

Animal proteins such as meat, dairy and eggs will also cause
you to gain excess weight. Even though these foods contain lots
of nutrients, they also contain lots of unhealthy saturated
fats and excess proteins which your body is unable to absorb or
get rid of in a timely manner. Thus these foods become toxic in
the body as well, for they cannot be absorbed and neither can
they leave the body without being neutralized first.

By eliminating or at least reducing the above foods you can
reduce your risks of obesity or even being overweight. But not
only that, it can also help you to lose weight.

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