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Foods to eat if you suffer from acid reflux

Since many foods are off the list, you should know about the
various foods good for acid reflux, if you suffer from this
problem. These foods are enlisted below.

Fibrous foods and vegetables

Eating foods that are rich in fiber are not only useful in the
fight against acid reflux, but in general are good for the
digestive system. Green leafy vegetables are included in this
list.  However, do not overcook these vegetables and
definitely do not use too much oil in their preparation. .
Other fibrous foods include nuts, legumes and whole grains that
are rich in complex carbohydrates like brown rice, multi-grain
bread and whole wheat pasta.

Lean meat

Instead of falling into the red meat, white meat consumed as
fish and chicken. These can be prepared in delicious ways not
fattening and can easily help care for his acid reflux problem.
These are also rich in protein and omega-3 (especially fish),
that are healthy for the body in more ways than one.


Besides citrus, feel free to enjoy bananas, apples (found to be
the most natural remedy for acid reflux), melons and berries.
These can be eaten any way you wish, although it has been shown
that the juices are not as effective as the fruit itself. .
Therefore, try to eat them fresh, in their raw form.


The drinks that are caffeine free and low-fat milk or skim milk
are perfect choices for those who suffer from acid reflux.In
addition, soy milk is an option but may have to develop a taste
for it to enjoy it. . As mentioned above, soft drinks are a
no-no.Takes a bit of fresh butter instead.

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Therefore, it is convenient to cut the root problem, which
suffered its most serious in the future, simply follow this
guide to foods that cause acid reflux, and instead of eating
food that is safe for acid reflux. Please note that if you do
not feel any difference to follow this diet, you should consult
a doctor immediately, to identify and eliminate the root cause
of this problem.

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