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Frequent snacking at night make stupid brain?

Bad news for those who like to eat at night. Snacking at
night was not only bad for abdominal circumference and
weight, but also an impact on health and intellectual
capacity. One study found that snacking at night can reduce
the ability of the brain and memory.
snacking The
researchers found that eating at the wrong time, ie, at
night, when the body is supposed to sleep can adversely
affect cognitive ability and memory. Research also shows that
this does not only occur in people who eat at night, but also
people working in the night shift.

“We believe that we can change the body clock to eat at any
time and work at any time. And not,” said Christopher
Colwell of the University of California.

This study was conducted in mice, but researchers believe the
results are generally also apply to humans. The human body
has a circadian clock for 24 hours. Alterations in the
circadian clock is by eating at the right time can affect not
bad for the brain and trigger a variety of health problems
such as type 2 diabetes and immune problems.

is also an impact on cognitive function, particularly in
learning ability and memory. For those of you who like to eat
and snack at night, you should begin to end this practice.
Besides bad for health, evening snacks can also lead to

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