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Fresh Water Guppy Care – 20 Tips To Keep Them Healthy

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4. The specifications that need to be maintained for guppies are quite easy as compared to the other tropical and marine fishes.

5. Guppies mature quite quickly. Their usual full grown size is around 1.5 to 2 inches long.

6. These little fishes with their tails resembling the feathery fan make the aquarium pretty attractive and interesting.

7. Guppies are quite playful thereby it’s great fun to watch them swim across the aquarium.

8. For any living beings food is a necessity. In case of guppies you must understand that they can eat nearly everything. But their favorite food is frozen and the flake foods.

9. You should feed a guppy around three times a day.

10. Make sure that you feed it in very small quantities.

11. Supply it its favorite food especially when the babies are in their, as in the absence or scarcity of food, the guppies tend to eat their young ones.

12. Like any other aquarium, the guppy fishes also need regular change of water. Though it must be done after every week or every fortnight, the sure indication to change water is when it starts smelling or gets cloudy.

13. At a time, change only one third of the water. This would minimize the water fluctuations for the fishes and that means less stress for the fishes.

14. Making your pet happy automatically makes it healthy. Creating a very home like atmosphere for your guppies would make them very happy. Like add varied types of plants where thy can hide.

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15. Consider maintaining around 1 to 2 inches substrate at the bottom of your tank.

16. Guppies love the colored rocks and the dead crushed coral. Adding these two to the aquarium would make it visibly quite attractive and give pleasure to your guppies.

17. Some known guppies to choose from are Flagtail, Fantail, Deltatail, Spadetail, Roundtail, etc. Guppies are known for their attractive, remarkable and unique tails that form nearly one third of its entire body.

18. While keeping guppies with any other breed in the aquarium you must understand the guppies are the easiest prey owing to their delicate and long tail. So beware that with what breed you mix it with.

19. Guppies breed every 3 to 4 weeks that is very frequently and they can also breed with the other fishes. So, very soon you could find an overcrowded aquarium.

20. In case you do not ant any cross breeding, simply keep the fishes in different aquariums.

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