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Good Habits for Healthy Living

Habits rule our lives. They are the way we do things and can sometimes become so routine that we sometimes don’t even question their validity. Furthermore, some habits are ‘bad’ and should be dropped from our routine. Good habits can always be added, increased, and expanded upon.

Sometimes good habits sneak in with the bad. For example, you may eat plenty of vegetables but smother them in fattening oils. Or you may go running but ignore orthopedics, inviting injury. The point is to critically examine all that you do so that you get the most benefits from any activity.

Here are some ideas for good habits:

  • Use exercise to blow off steam
  • Drink more juice and less alcohol
  • Spend more time laughing and less time criticizing
  • Drink some red wine moderately
  • Teach those who are less experienced than you
  • Volunteer for those who are less privileged than you
  • Stretch your body often
  • Stretch your mind often
  • Take yourself regularly beyond your comfort zone
  • Live life to the maximum

By doing good things out of habit without needing to think about them we can better ourselves, spend more energy performing more complicated tasks, and untimately make the world a much better place.

Working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is both quite simple yet also a most difficult task. It truly takes a lifetime to cultivate a presence that begins to reach your ideals. It takes dedication, difficult decisions, and sometimes sacrifice.

Every day you must challenge yourself and your strength. Failure to do so will cause weakening of your system. Make a habit of trying something that is too difficult and staying at it longer than you are comfortable sustaining.

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