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Halthy Food for Your Child

During the study year the parents of school pupils worry about health eat for their children. In fact it is very important what snacks and lunchs school pupils eat. There are special shools where teachers observe the food of school teachers. But there are also several methods which can help the parents to control eating process of their children.
First of all they have to pay attention on vegetables and fruits in the diet of their children. Different children prefer different food. For example, majority of children prefer bananas or papaya. Below you will see several reccommendations concerning the health food for your child`s lunch box.
1. Good variant for lunch box is combination of banana and peanut butter. This is healthy and very delicious.
2. Low fat cheese and celery are also good variant for your child.
3. Apples are the best fruits for lunch or school breakfast, as they are easy to eat and pack. There are also special apple sauses which are very delicious.
4. Parents can amaze their children with unusual and exotic fruits. One of the most fascinating variants is the star fruit.
5. Raw carrot is good decision, as it is very nutritious and healthy, put children usually do not like it. Try to combine raw carrot with broccoli, celery and cauliflower and your child will like it.
6. You can also cook delicious frution pizza, which is easy to prepare and to eat. Children usually like it. The ingredients of such pizza are: pasta sauce, thin pizza crust, shredded mazarella, sliced pepperoni, California peaches, and green peppers. Th oven must be preheated to 425 degrees. Take pizza base and sauce, sprinkle cheese. Top the pizze with sliced fruits and pepper.
Parents have to build good eating habits of their children and fom such habits foom the childhood.

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