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Have a Big Stomach – Burn 2200 Calories Daily by Just Focusing on Your Eating Habits

Before, I get into the sensational belly fat burner; let me give you brief insight into calories. When it comes to weight loss, calories are probably the most over used word. Every thing you read or listen about weight loss is associated with Calories

What is the exact definition of calorie- To put it simply it is the measurement of energy, inherent in a particular food? Body needs fuel to run its functions. Calories provide the same.

This gives you some sort of understanding, that how food plays pivotal role in the weight loss.  This also explains that why we gain weight when we eat junk calories.

It is quite interesting to know that one pound equates to 3500 calories. So in summary, let us say you want to lose 5 pounds. Then you have to lose 17500 calories.

On the face of it, numbers are quite staggering, but they are easily achievable with balanced food habits.

So, now let us get back to the sensational and revolutionary system that makes a weight loss such a easy and fun experience.  In nut hell you just have to eat the right food lose the weight.

This system revolves around calorie shifting. Your body burns more calories than it does intake.  The system revolves around the optimum blend of carbohydrates, proteins, fat.

It is quite fascinating to know that, body burns the same number of calories, you intake unless forced by any other external factors. This is the reason why most of the Low Calorie diets do not work. Let us say, your average requirement is 2500 calories. Now, you have decided to cut it down to 1500 calories. So, now what happens, your body detects this change and starts burning only 1500 calories instead of 2500.

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This system is beautifully designed so that your body is exposed to various and healthy calories, and in the process confuses your body and burns that extra fat tissue. It is a wonderful feeling to know that by just changing habits, you can have profound impact in your life.

Therefore, a minimum of 5 pounds or 17500 calories is easily achievable in period of 7 days. The best part about this is that it is not a one time affair, it can be repeated over and over again, till your achieve your ideal weight.

The only limitation, which I find with the system, is that it gives you a limited choice of foods. You have all the basic food, but it is not a food gourmet fantasy. Over a period, the process could become monotonous. However, when compared to other dieting system, it scores way above the others because of two major reasons. The results are very fast and you never have to starve. I will rank this system on a scale of one to ten as eight.

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