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Hcg Diets: Tips On How To Survive On Just 500 Calories

Following HCG diets can be an exercise in self-discipline due to the very low amount of calories that you are permitted to consume each day. Those who try the HCG diets should be prepared to be disciplined and committed to weight loss, because there are a few rules that must be followed if you want to enjoy losing the 26 pounds in 26 days that’s possible with the HCG diet plan.

Here are a few tips designed to help you set yourself up for success on this 500 calories per day HCG diet plan:

Don’t skimp on the loading days
On the days leading up to and including the first two days of taking HCG, you will be directed to actually load up on fatty foods so that you can be assured that your normal fat stores are built up. You will need this stored energy for the first few days of the diet while your body adjusts to the HCG levels in your blood and it begins to do its work of freeing up and burning your abnormal fat deposits for energy and nutrition.

Drink water
Be sure to drink plenty of water all day when you are on the HCG diet plan. Water is a vital ingredient in fat metabolism, and staying properly hydrated will lessen feelings of hunger.

Both tea and coffee are permitted on the HCG diets, but be mindful that tea is a natural diuretic, which means it makes your body lose water, so when you drink tea, know that you will still need to drink lots of water in addition.

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Plan meals
It is important to plan your meals and buy all of the ingredients that you will need in advance. You don’t want to come to a mealtime and find that you have no approved foods available. Create a meal chart and a grocery list that you can carry with you. As you use up the last of a particular ingredient, add it to your shopping list.

Factor in some variety to your meals so that you will not grow bored from eating the same thing over and over.

Prepare meals in advance
Pick an evening and prepare a week’s worth of meals at once. Measure out the portions and place them in re-sealable food containers that can also be used to warm them up at mealtime. Doing advance meal preparation makes it easier for you to stick with the HCG diets.

Buy a HCG diet cookbook
There are several HCG diets cookbooks available online that have a nice variety of recipes that fit within the guidelines of the HCG diet plan. Try new spices and new cooking methods to keep things interesting and new.

You may be surprised at the delicious foods that you can still enjoy while following HCG diets. Fun, new recipes makes sticking with the 500-calorie diet even easier.

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