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Health Benefits of sugar apple fruit

unsweetened apple fruit is green and usually only live in the
tropical region. It is small and the average age is 3 to 5
years. botanical name is Kalanchoe pinnata (Lamk) rate
Crassulaceae while the name of the area in Indonesia is round,
van Deng, (Java) banen cooled (Aceh) allowed to cool, sepohori
(Palembang) feet duck (Malay), jukut kawasa, tere, claw duck
(Sonda), Cocor bhibhik. Jempe (Madura) and Rau kufiri
sugar apple fruitapple chemical
properties sugar

The roots are bitter nature, cold. potent anti-inflammatory and
anti-depressants root. The roots are used to tackle acute
dysentery, constipation, backache and mental depression.

bitter, chelate is left, it’s a little cold. The leaves are
used for levels of uric acid in the blood are lower, cough,
fever, rheumatism, diarrhea, dissented, worms, lice head high,
and external use for ulcers, sores, boils, mange and scabies.

The seeds are used to cope with weak digestion, intestinal
worms and lice and insects off. While nisa young fruit used to
treat diarrhea, acute dysentery and indigestion (dyspepsia
atinik) .Kulit rod used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, bleeding

For external use, boiled leaves, then use the water to wash
wounds and ulcers. Alternatively, seeds ground into a powder
and used to kill lice, fleas on animals and insects. The ripe
fruit can be used to treat a wound swollen and abscesses.

ulcers, boils hard
Wash fresh leaves to taste, then ground until soft add salt to
taste, plaster used for ulcer and then bandaged. in one day,
two to three times change.

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suddenly collapsed, calming hysterical
Wash fresh leaves to taste, then finely chopped and evenly.
bring the mill of the last sheet in the patient’s nose smells
inhaled by the patient.

eradication of fleas
Boil the leaves or sugar apple seeds are ground finely, add
enough water, then strain. Take the water used to bathe the

deadly lice
Rinse and sugar apple seeds (10 grains) and leaf of fresh sugar
apple (a cell), then finely ground. add a little oil, then mix
well. Use on the scalp, then wrapped with a cloth. wait up to 4
hours, open, and then washed thoroughly lest the rinse water
entering the eye, as it can cause irritation and inflammation.

worms in children
Wash the leaves of fresh sugar apple (5 pieces), then boiled
with 5 cups water until the remaining 3 cups. Once cool, strain
and drink 3 times a day, respectively, alien 1 cup.

Rinse the leaves are fresh flavor then finely ground. Coconut
oil can be added to taste, then put in the stomach.

06.10 g the srikaya crust is washed, then small pieces. add
brown sugar to taste. Please use emapat boiled cups water until
the remaining two cups. after a cold drink effort and twice
daily, each glass.

Rinse fresh leaves srikaya 15 sheets. Finely chopped, then
tighten whiting much as 1 teaspoon water. this herb for scabies
rub the skin. do 2 times a day.

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