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Health benefits of tea tree oil

tea tree oil or has the Latin name Melaleuca alternifolia oil
in the form of health, which it is increasingly popular. One
type of this essential oil has health benefits because the
terpene content therein. This natural ingredient is very high
anti-bacterial properties. It reporting from
healthmeup.com here is super healthy benefits of tea
tree oil.
tea tree oilstrengthen

tree oil tea has antibacterial properties and can help
prevent and treat bad breath, gingivitis, plaque and
gingivitis when used as a mouthwash. In addition, the tea
tree oil also inhibit harmful bacteria in the mouth and
relieve pain and irritation.

nourish the skin
Dilute a few drops of tea tree oil and then rub on skin
irritation several times a day. This treatment helps reduce
itching and soothe the skin is irritated.

Treatment of chickenpox
The antiseptic properties of tea tree to help bring
chickenpox early recovery. For treatment of mixing 15 drops
of tea tree oil in 50 ml of water and then applied on the
wound of chickenpox.

stimulate hair growth
If you are concerned with your natural hair baldness, try to
apply tea tree oil on top of the scalp. Because tea tree oil
helps stimulate hair growth.

In addition to health benefits, the tea tree oil can also be
used to clean makeup. The trick is to mix tea tree oil with
canola oil and then apply the mixture on top of makeup that
will be removed with cotton.

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