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Health Tip: Pregnant Mom New Year Note

“In addition to firecrackers of the year”, the Spring Festival
is coming soon, and many pregnant mothers are also about to
usher in the Year of the Tiger his “tiger baby.” Pregnant
mothers have a safe and happy New Year to spend it attractive?
At the recent “New Year prenatal care Talk” campaign, Shenzhen
Second People’s Hospital, director of high-clear is given the
following recommendations:

Eat: quit cold greasy, do not over-fed hunger

Pregnant women in the family and friends during the holiday
season should pay particular attention to gathering Diet
Health, eating cold food, as raw meat and seafood may have
parasites, easily lead to gastroenteritis or allergies, and
cause diarrhea may cause premature contractions. Severe
dehydration and may even threaten the lives of pregnant women
and fetuses.

Addition, we must be careful not to eat too much, not to eat
greasy foods high hypertrophy; also not as fun and full meal
hunger and meal: overeat, make enlarged uterus and stomach full
of food the diaphragm increased, resulting in flustered, made
Bie; a long time without eating will hypoglycemia, hypoxia
caused her unborn child, pregnant women, syncope and dangerous.

Drink: sweet drink less, do not drink cold Do not plan on ice

happy town Beverages . Too cold Beverages Gastrointestinal
tract can vasospasm, ischemia, suffered from stomach
discomfort, bloating, indigestion. Fetus is sensitive to cold
stimuli, drinking cold beverages cause fetal restlessness. In
addition, the iced Food And drinks will also reduce the baby’s
resistance and immunity. Should not drink too sweet drinks, to
prevent gestational diabetes. Pregnant women drink a lot of
Soft drink Consume some of iron, may lead to anemia.

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Quit coffee, tea, drinks because they contain caffeine,
caffeine, central nervous system can be excited, but also make
the fetus appeared excited, hyperactive, resulting in phenomena
such as umbilical cord entanglement, fetal life threatening.
But light can drink tea, Tea High content of vitamins, vitamins
can be added on the needs of pregnant women.

Play: pay attention to rest, away from the noise

Pregnant mothers do not stay up late during the Spring
Festival. “Pregnant women sleep about 8-10 hours a day, if less
sleep at night, should a nap at noon.”

Experts advise pregnant mothers: If you go out to play, must be
careful not to crowded places, keep warm and avoid cold.
Especially long-distance car ride to be careful in particular:
1 to 3 months of pregnancy and 37 weeks later to try to avoid
long car ride, whether it is aircraft or train, Car , Bumps and
long-term physical and mental fatigue will affect the fetus.

Addition, the noise problem of concern. Fetus at 4 months when
the big brain and urinary system has not yet developed well,
women are just baby ovarian development is good, if the
pregnant mother during this time of noise exposure on the fetus
are forming or newly formed function will be affected, so
Pregnant mothers are advised not to attend the KTV and other

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