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Health Tips: Determining The Physical Conditions Which Kind Of Tea

Tea, as old and healthy Drinks , People have always been strong
feelings of tea. Tea is not simple, although the health
benefits of tea drinking, but that even the well-drinking, some
degree of control and common sense, otherwise they will damage
the body. In addition, should also give due consideration to
human health, different physiological conditions to determine
what kind of tea drinking.

Tea Culture Institute, Liaoning Province, Zhao Zhongwu
executive vice president, said that, in general good health,
able-bodied laborers and young people based on personal hobby,
drinking a variety of Tea Can, in which drinking green tea and
green tea is appropriate; and the elderly to black tea, Pu’er
tea is appropriate. Because black tea to anti-aging; tea
moderate, should not drink green tea; for physical health is
not very good, or at the time a woman is in a special
physiological, the tea selection or drinking more and the less
amount of stress there was.

Tea with different diseases “stress”

For coronary heart disease patients, the ability to tea can not
be generalized. But should be based on specific circumstances,
such as tachycardia in patients with coronary heart disease are
advised to drink less or not drink at all. If you drink, then
best to choose weak tea or decaffeinated tea. Because of
alkaloids in tea, especially caffeine and theophylline, both
stimulant and enhances myocardial function, and more tea or
drink tea will promote tachycardia. For bradycardia or sinus

account for conduction block in patients with coronary heart
disease (heart rate is usually normal 60 beats / min) on
coronary heart disease patients with tachycardia the contrary,
may be appropriate drink some tea, the most drink Pu’er, oolong
and black tea strong bias, not only harmless, but also can
increase the heart rate effect.

In addition, the spleen and stomach Deficiency, especially the
severe stomach or gastric ulcer who should not drink green tea,
green tea because of the chill on the stomach Deficiency alike.
Tea to help digest their performance capabilities, a stomach or
gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer is not the best drink to drink
more or less the stomach of warm tea or tea as well.

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For terms of obesity, drinking tea to achieve weight loss of
various effects, because the caffeine in tea, flavanols,
vitamins and other compounds, can promote the oxidation of body
fat, eliminate excess body fat. However, different teas, each
different from the actual experience: lipid-lowering diet was
the best tea is oolong tea, Tuo, tea and tea purple pressure.

In the special period, “3” (menstruation, pregnancy,
childbirth) and woman, the best tea is not tea or less. To
drink to drink decaffeinated tea. Because tea contains
polyphenols and iron produce contact Cooperation Used to make
iron loss of activity at the “3” of women, drinking tea easy to
cause of anemia, because of caffeine in tea has some of the
neurological and cardiovascular irritation, while at the “3”
thick women drink tea to my body to recover, the baby’s growth
will suffer.

Tea after a meal before the meal are saying

Addition to selection for different health tea, the tea some
time and Diet With the statement.

Not a lot of tea first, before meals. In particular, excessive
drinking tea, first dilute the gastric juice, and second,
influence the secretion of gastric juice, will make people feel
tasteless diet, digestion and absorption are affected.

Followed immediately after a meal and do not drink tea. Tea
helps digestion, fat, but tea contains polyphenols, iron with
food, protein, etc. will have solidified the role, if the tea
immediately after a meal, will directly affect the body’s iron
and protein accommodate a full absorption.

In addition, the drinking of tea brewing, do not the number of
excessive drinking. General brewing tea after three, 95% -98%
of the water-soluble nutrients and effective substance have
basically been leaching, and then brew, nothing can make use of
the material was. If you continue to brew tea in a number of
harmful trace elements

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