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Health Tips

Reducing cough
Getting rid of cough becomes a problem sometimes. Here’s an
easy tip you can try and probably get rid of the cough. Mix
some salt with few whole black peppers. Take a pinch of the
combination with water. Don’t forget to take this thrice daily.

Reduce Anxiety
While mild anxiety can increase interest and attention, high
anxiety can impair attention and concentration, and therefore,
limit the recall of learned material. That is why, if you are
too anxious during a test, you forget what you earlier knew
very well. Actually, your memory is okay but anxiety is
interfering with it. So try reducing anxiety.

Cleaning Eye Makeup
A petroleum jelly or a cold cream can be used to remove the
stubborn eye makeup. It is a very economical method which even
works on waterproof mascara.

Menstrual cramps
To get relief from menstrual cramps peel a few garlic flakes,
fry them in butter, cool, add sugar and swallow a couple. Find
relief in 15 minutes.

Mask (normal/combination skin)
Mix one egg, half teaspoon oatmeal and a teaspoon olive oil
until smooth. Apply on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Then
rinse. It will help refresh your skin.

Oil Hair
If you are always complaining about the excess oil produced
naturally in your hair then you can use the following tip.
Use three teaspoons of lemon juice in your hair after
shampooing it. Then wash it thoroughly. Use this twice a week
for better results.

Garlic and Pimples
It’s been ages and the pimples on your face do not seem to go
away. Instead of worrying about them, do something about it.
Take garlic extract and apply it on them. This not only helps
to get rid of them but also removes their marks.
Body odor
Body odor due to sweating becomes a big problem for many
people. To get rid of this odor, add some Alum in the water you
are using for bathing. Its effects will hinder body smell.

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Memory Improvement
There are many ways of improving your memory. Shortage seems to
increase if we pronounce the names of the items out loud-
especially if they are grouped rhythmically. Grouping items
into threes or fours also seems to aid recall.

Castor Oil
It is rich and thick oil used in hair oils and eye cleansing
creams. Use it often for hair growth and dark thick eyelashes.

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