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Healthy Blood Pressure for Pregnant Women

High blood pressure especially during the period of pregnancy is not good. Try to take actions to lessen this if you want to deliver a healthy baby. Hypertension or high blood pressure is most common to pregnant women since the veins and strength of a woman is weakened once she carries a heavy baby in her womb.

This can be considered a passing health issue if the pregnant woman experiences this for the first time.  Otherwise, the pregnant woman must get a regular check up with the doctor so as to not to affect the child during delivery as well as not to damage the vital organs of the body.

In this state of pregnancy, women must be well informed of her health conditions because it can determine the delivery method later on.  In most cases, once the condition becomes severe, a caesarian operation is mostly preferred.

These are the proper ways to prevent high blood pressure and maintain healthy blood pressure during pregnancy. The following tips can be of great help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

1.    Give solutions to stress, anxiety and pressure by leaving more tedious tasks. If doing household chores, do only the light ones. Keep more time to relax your mind. Do some exercises but not to the extent of doing gym activities. Walking is a perfect exercise for a pregnant woman. You can do this either by walking around the garden or inside your house or you can have a mall tour as the case may be. Or, you can listen to your favorite music while having your relaxing moments in your garden or in the patio.

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2.    Take protein rich foods for your meal. For breakfast, be sure you have eggs in the table because these are rich in protein and can repair any damaged tissue in the body. For lunch and dinner, always have vegetables and fish because these are rich in food nutrients needed by the body. Always have fresh fruits in your meals too. Avoid eating fatty, salty and sugary foods as well as sodium rich foods.  These can increase your cholesterol level and increase blood pressure.

3.    Drink enough water not alcohol. The minimum water requirement is six to eight medium sized glasses in a day. Fruit and vegetable juices are also good to the health.

4.    Avoid caffeine. Since this is a stimulant, more intake of caffeine makes the heart beat faster. In such a case, the blood pressure is elevated.

Follow these tips to maintain healthy blood pressure and to prevent risks to a more complicated pregnancy.  Pregnant women with high blood pressure can have premature delivery and low birth weight for the baby. This condition is dangerous not only to the baby but to the mother as well.
Do it in the earliest possible time. Don’t wait for high blood pressure to be detected in the later part of the pregnancy.  If such a case happens, complete bed rest is often recommended and there should be regular monitoring of blood pressure.

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