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Healthy Diet Timetable

Healthy Diet Timetable

Healthy Diet Timetable

What are some low fat / calorie foods? I know tuna and chicken. What are the others?

Healthy Diet Timetable….I’m looking to reduce my body fat%. I’m looking to get in a healthy diet to go along with a gym membership just obtained. I will not set a timetable, but I want to lose sooner rather than later. Any info would be appreciated

Well, if you want to make a healthy diet there are many options available.

Reduce consumption of pasta, rice and white bread for a while. Containing carbohydrates and high in sugar.

Eat lots of vegetables, except beans and sweet corn.

Healthy Diet Timetable

Lots of fruits, except bananas, grapes, melons, dried fruit (a large proportion of fruit sugar.).

Drink plenty of water or tea (without IceTea).Healthy Diet Timetable

Try to get protein and an egg-shaped. But only the white of the egg. Thuna also contains a large amount of protein. You can also eat low-fat yogurt.

If you are preparing fish, turkey or chicken, do not use salt and excess fat. You could use a little olive oil (native) or canola oil (unsaturated fatty acid). Instead of salt you could use fresh herbs like chives, parsley, … ..

To speed up the metabolism of fat you can drink (after a meal) a glass of water mixed with lemon juice.

And very important for a diet is sport. If you want to burn fat during your sport your pulse should not be too high.

There is an easy way to find out. Get some running or biking for 3 hours 3 minutes and then take your pulse. From this type of puls be 70%. For example, the pulse rate of 190. 70% of 190 is 133. So the pulse of the burning of fat should not exceed 133. If the pulse is too high your body will burn carbohydrates they have eaten food instead of fat from your body.Healthy Diet Timetable

So no need to rush to the red head, sweating and collapse.

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I hope I could give some important information.

Healthy Diet Timetable

Good luck for your diet

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