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Healthy eating in the workplace

Healthy eating in the workplace

In today’s work environment, job pressure and time constraints make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet in the workplace causing employees to grab quick unhealthy snacks. Unhealthy choices found in vending machines commercially baked products such as burgers, doughnuts and fries are easily accessible to appease appetites!

According to a google research a typical adult consumes about one third of their daily food intake while they are at work. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the food that is being served or bought at the company’s canteens/ tuckshop are healthy and nutritious. A workplace that promotes good health corporate wellness does not only gain healthier employees, but increased more job satisfaction, and morale, reduction of illness and injuries and increased productivity amongst employees.

Every workplace should provide an opportunity for employees to take care of their health. Health promotions is key and should include to providing constant messages and practices related to healthy eating, developing a workplace nutrition policy, providing healthier food options in the workplace and making nutritional education and information available to staff.

Unhealthy eating can dramatically affect the way and employee feels both mentally and physically. Unhealthy foods can lead to various side effects this would include: Body odor, Acne, high cholesterol, water retention, migraine, headaches, kidney stones, heartburn and acid reflux. Therefore, healthy eating in the workplace plays a major role in the daily lives of employees because the health of the employees is often related to the health of the company.

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 Any organization large or small can promote healthy eating and active living in the workplace. Corporate wellness does not have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. Healthy eating and living at work is possible; it just takes some effort and a conscious decision to change your habits for the better. Make the investment today!

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