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Healthy Habits That Improve Memory

To improve memory, you will need to develop some healthy habits
and stick to them for life. By practicing these habits on a
regular basis, you will be able to boost your intelligence and
also improve your brain power. To help you get started, here
are some habits that you can include in your daily routine:

Exercise regularly: Make an exercise schedule and follow
it diligently. Exercises help the amount of oxygen thats pumped
to your brain, thus enhancing the effects of helpful brain
chemicals and protecting the brain cells. A regular exercise
schedule is also known to reduce the risk of disorders like
diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which may lead to memory
loss. Even something as simple as walking can help as new
research results indicate how walking six to nine miles each
week can put off brain shrinkage and memory loss.

Good sleeping habits: It is common to find people
affected by sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia
feeling tired during the day, which makes them unable to
concentrate on anything. If you wish to improve memory,
make sure that you get adequate hours of sleep as good sleep is
necessary for memory consolidation.

Learn to manage stress: The stress hormone – Cortisol,
can damage the hippocampus if you are under constant stress and
cant get relief from it. Since stress makes it difficult to
concentrate, you will also notice a slip in your brain power.
So, it becomes important to use tools and techniques like deep
breathing, meditation etc to handle stress effectively, and
improve memory.

Proper nutrition: A diet containing fruits, whole
grains, vegetables, and healthy fats will improve memory. So,
make sure to include B vitamins (especially B12, B6, and folic
acid), Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants like
vitamins E, C, and beta carotene in your diet.

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Say no to smoking and alcohol: Excessive consumption of
alcohol can cause neurological damage and lead to temporary
memory loss or amnesia. Smoking is another bad habit that can
constrict arteries, which deliver oxygen to the brain, thus
affecting your memory power adversely. So, steer clear of both
these habits if you want to improve memory.

Remember that treating your body well can improve your ability
to process and recall information. So, include these healthy
habits in your daily life to improve memory.

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