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Healthy Pet Food

Just like humans our pets also need a balanced diet food to
stay healthy. Ideally they should also to be given a diet that
contains all the six main nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates,
fat, vitamins, minerals and water. As a responsible pet owner
you must initiate to offer your pet the ideal diet that would
lead to the development of good health. There are many
commercial packed foods available in the market that are made
up of contaminated ingredients. So, you must also learn to
choose the food that you would like to serve your pet. The
following are some helpful information on healthy pet food.

As already mentioned the ideal diet of a pet should contain the
six major nutrients. Proteins help in strengthening the tissues
and formation of hair, nails, skin, organs, blood, muscles and
such. Carbohydrate is responsible for providing energy for the
body tissues, healthy fats absorb, store and transfer vitamins
to moisturize the fur coat and the skin. Vitamins promote
proper maintenance of the metabolic system while minerals
support development of hair, skin and the entire skeletal

If you are up to feeding pets like dogs and cats you are
required to offer them a diet based on animal food. The primary
food must be raw meat as to stay physically fit they require
the various nutrients, amino acids and enzymes. Lack of animal
fat in their diet often leads to diseases that are related to
skin and coat. Ideally the diet of a pet cat or a dog must be a
combination of the raw meat and vegetables. Their body is not
accustomed to accepting cooked or processed food items. So, you
are recommended not to serve them with cooked food no matter
how delicious it can be for you. The 30% of your dog’s diet
must consist of raw fat.

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To ensure good health of your pet you must provide your pet
with the right diet rich of minerals appropriate with the age,
sex, weight and the level of general activity. For instance,
puppies should be given the amount of food that they can
consume within ten fifteen minutes. Puppies in between 6 and 12
weeks old must be fed three times a day and those above 12
weeks must be fed for two times a day. Serve your pet with
calculated amount of food instead of a large meal. You are
further advised to provide food in a stainless steal bowl as
the cracks and crevices developed on the surfaces of the
plastic or ceramic containers may turn out to be ideal for
bacterial growth.

Jack Morrison is a pet care expert. He has in depth knowledge
on how to take care of pets efficiently. You may take the
help of a good pet care guide that would provide you ample
information on ideal dog diet.

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