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Healthy Snacks For Kids – Friday Treats

Healthy children are not necessarily the product of a family who  has a lot to eat. More than anything else, healthy kids are the result  of healthy food choices within the household.

But we all know that kids do not always like healthy food; they  would much prefer chocolates, lollies, potato chips and French fries.  Nothing wrong with these options if kids only have them occasionally.

To convince your kids to eat healthy, here are some healthy  snack ideas that might help.

<strong>1. Fruits</strong>. Apples,  bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc. Generally, children are not averse  to eating fruits. It’s just that they like burgers and chocolates more.  You can make fruit servings more attractive to get kids to eat them;  make fruit smoothies or top a cup of strawberries with whipped cream and  children will look at them in a different way.

<strong>2. Use dips with vegetables</strong>. You can actually make them eat vegetables like carrot or  celery sticks if you serve them with dips. Hummus, bean or ranch dips  are your best options. It’s not actually the taste of dips they like,  but the idea of having something where they can dunk their food. Kids!

<strong>3. Add veggie ingredients, but make them fade into the  background</strong>. Shred the lettuce, chop the celery or  cut tomatoes into tiny portions and add them to sandwiches, soups or  whatever meal you are serving. Big slices of tomatoes and whole leaves  of vegetables will likely scare them away.

<strong>4. Serve vegetable chowders in colorful and fun containers</strong>. Children will likely eat them if you put the soup in bowls  with cartoon characters or kiddie bowls shaped like animals. The funny  thing is, you can serve them the same food but they will respond in a  different way when you change the container.

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<strong>5. Oatmeal cookies baked with the children’s help</strong>. They would surely prefer chocolate cookies over oatmeal ones,  but if you ask them to help in baking the cookies, they would likely eat  them without complaint. The idea of messing the kitchen will make them  eager to sample the end product.

<strong>6. Vegetarian pizza</strong>. Kids love pizza. It doesn’t matter what’s on it as long as it  looks like pizza. You can make mini pizzas topped with various chopped  vegetables; a bit of meat, like a sprinkle of bacon bits, and low-fat  cheese.

To promote healthy eating for kids in your household, make  snacks attractive to children. The first step is to grab their attention  and get going from there.

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