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Helpful Tips for High School Students When They Write a Resume

It’s the first time that you write the first resume, and you
are wondering what things you should write. If you follow some
simple guidelines below, you can create a good resume. Before
starting, try to arrange some of your thoughts on scrap paper
(i.e. what is your strength, any experience held, favorite
subject, activities or hobbies etc.).



This will help when actually writing the resume. The first
draft should be on regular copy paper with the final one on a
good quality stock. Using your favorite word processing
program, you are going to make five sections: header, job
objective, education, experience and miscellaneous. In your
header portion, include your name (in larger print that the
rest of the document), address, phone numbers and email
address. In the job objective, state what you are looking for
in one or two sentences. Under education, put down the schools
attended, dates and diploma awards (or expected). You can also
list any favorite classes or areas of strength here.


Under experience, put down any clubs, work study, community
service or volunteer work that you have performed. You can also
include part time jobs held. There are a surprising number of
skills in these positions that are applicable to a full time
position so don’t be shy about listing them. Finally, the last
section is customizable by you since you have to decide what to
include here. List your favorite hobbies or pastimes that you
enjoy. If you like playing sports, by all means write it down.
This can be a way for you to get noticed too since some
employers may share a common interest as well. Now, print the
resume on scrap paper and have at least 2 mentors critique it
for you for spelling and grammar. Only then should you print it
out on good quality stock. There you have it, a good resume
worth your time. That’s it for now, good luck!

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