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History Of The Humble Cupcake

Cupcakes are special dessert treats that have been around since the early 19th century. They have been spreading delight and enjoyment for over a full century and they are still going strong, maybe stronger than ever now.

History shows that cupcakes really came about due to measuring tools and what was the most practical manner in which to bake. In fact, much of what was eaten when cupcakes were first invented was created in smaller portions. Portions today are sometimes actually two or three times what a single portion should be. For some reason as time has gone by, we have continued to super-size everything, including cupcakes which are now large varying sized cakes: double layered, tripled layered, full-sheet, and so forth.

Because cupcakes have been around for such a long period of time it is not surprising that they have become a widely enjoyed, widely hailed dessert treat. Big companies such as Hostess, for example, have created their versions of cupcakes with Ding-dongs and Twinkies. Other such companies have followed suit creating a wide assortment of miniature sized cake treats.

The popularity of cupcakes continues for many reasons. They are proportionally one serving size. They are easy to carry and pack. They are convenient and easy to clean up after. There is versatility in the packaging, decorating and shapes. Cupcakes were first made in muffin tins and now they can be made in cupcake tins that have special shapes like hearts, stars, and so many more options!

It is amazing to think back and realize that the origin of the cupcake is that it actually was a cake! It makes one wonder with time why we might have decided to bake larger cakes? Possibly it could to have been to have more decorating options, to be able to serve more people at one time, or a plethora of other possibilities.

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The cupcake has become such a large part of this country’s dessert staple that people not only still bake them, bakeries bake them, and some even go so far as to specialize in the sole production of them. Companies will produce products made specifically for them, i.e. cupcake pans, cupcake decorations, and other such cupcake items. Organizations will have cupcake bake sales, birthday parties will still often have a spread of multi-colored cupcakes abound, and oftentimes cupcakes are even brought to the office!

There is just something intrinsically different about cupcakes. They are small petite packaged desserts that make people feel like a kid again. Maybe it’s because they are small and individually wrapped and decorated. Maybe it’s because they just seem to make you smile. If you hand one to even the most masculine of men, suddenly he looks like a little boy again. The little treat suddenly makes him seem more like an approachable teddy bear.

Truly, there is just something about cupcakes that make them a universally enjoyed treat. Children and adults love them equally. They are a treat that will continue to be enjoyed for decades to come!

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