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How a Multivitamin Can Help You Lose Weight!

There are many supplements on the market today that are advertised as the guarantee to your weight loss. Some are marketed towards the bodybuilding crowd, others are genders specific and are marketed towards women only, and others are promise weight loss and energy. In fact, there are so many out there on the market today, that you can lose sight of the supplements that are fundamentally important. These are supplements that you should be taking regardless of your goal, or even if you do not have a goal at all. One of these supplements, is the multivitamin.

The multivitamin should be the most important supplement in your arsenal in the battle against excess body fat. A multivitamin should never replace a healthy diet, but should definitely be included in one, as it is your “nutritional insurance.” A quality multivitamin will ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of key vitamins and minerals that you simply cannot consume enough of via diet alone. This makes a multivitamin especially important for someone that is reducing the amount of calories they consume, since eating less calories means eating less vitamins and minerals.

OK, so you’re convinced that a multivitamin is a good idea, but how could it possibly help you lose weight? Well, as you may already know, hunger can be caused by a number of things. Some people believe that different colors can trigger hunger “pangs,” others believe that the smell of food can trigger hunger. What has always made the most sense however, as far as the reason for hunger “pangs,” is the fact that when you reduce your calorie daily calorie intake, you are getting fewer nutrients, as mentioned above. Since your body is lacking in nutrients that it normally receives through your former diet, the feeling of hunger is induced, in an effort to get you to eat, and therefore get the same amount of nutrients that you used to get.

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Well, when you are taking a multivitamin, you will most likely be getting all, if not more, of the nutrients that you would typically get from a higher-calorie diet. And if you are getting the same or more nutrients, then there is no reason for your body to induce feelings of excessive hunger, since your daily vitamin and mineral requirements will be met via consistent multivitamin supplementation. This is how a multivitamin can help you lose weight.

So if you are not taking a multivitamin currently, be sure to hit your local health food store and pick one up. And I say your local health food store, because generally the brands that they carry will offer better quality multivitamins than your local grocery store or pharmacy.

Yours in health,

James Hallmark

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