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How to Avoid Loose Skin Problems – for Dieters

Losing weight, especially a lot of weight, is a great accomplishment for anyone. And anyone in fact who has succeeded in getting their weight down to a healthy number would undoubtedly have also succeeded in sculpting a healthier body, a better shape. So why not show of that new shape and figure? Why are you still hiding in oversized clothes? And why are you still unhappy with yourself? Could it be because you pursued your weight loss with such enthusiasm that you did not pay attention to the tell-tale signs of sagging or loose skin?

One of the biggest reasons why we develop loose skin problems when we diet is because we try to lose too much too soon. Healthy weight loss should be a gradual thing – anything rushed down would not only lead to lose and sagging skin but also to an unhealthy situation where you will most certainly find yourself putting on the weight again within months of losing it. Remember that as you gain weight your skin must stretch to adjust to this new shape. If you gain weight too fast, you would tend to develop stretch marks as your skin would be placed under a lot of pressure to accommodate the increase in size at a much faster rate than is normal. Likewise, if you lose weight too fast, your skin would not be able to adjust to the new size as it should.

The skin’s elasticity is the factor that allows it to adjust to both weight loss and weight gain, but when you shed the pounds drastically then you would tend to outdo the rate at which your skin can adjust to a smaller size – you would therefore end up with a smaller you but the same skin that you were in before. Remember – as slowly as you gained the weight is as slowly as you should ideally lose it.

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Another reason that could help us to prevent loose or sagging skin when we diet is to ensure that we keep building muscle mass. Generally whenever we diet or exercise we lose some of our muscle mass in the process. Losing too much muscle mass, especially those just beneath the skin’s surface, would definitely result in sagging skin problems. This is primarily because the skin loses the underlying support that was there before. To prevent too much muscle mass loss when we diet, we should exercise to ensure that we are building muscles as well.

Building new muscles would help to balance those that we are losing, and as well continued exercise would tend to keep our muscles toned and in good shape – thereby giving us a much more appealing figure once we have successfully completed our diets.

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