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How to choose the best VOIP Phone Service Provider with affordable rates?

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Today, if you consider yourself as an internet savvy individual then you must have heard the term VoIP phone service which means your phone connects by way of broadband high speed internet.

Because of the low rates, VoIP phone service has become very popular that the VoIP Service Providers are able to extend to their clients/ customers.

Business and residence phone bills are cut by hundreds and thousands of dollars every year along with the use of this type of service. There are various service Provider that are competing for your work or business and they are offering attractive numerous deals. These deals many include nationwide and international calling, unlimited local and also email and voice messaging all for one low flat monthly rate.

Some tips are here on choosing the best voip service for your residence and business:

1) Has no set up Fees

If you are looking for a VoIP Phone Service Provider, just try to find that one which has no set up fees. So many times the monthly fee will be low but the company will charge a set up fee that is three to four times the amount of the regular monthly rate.

2) Free Shipping

Many companies are offering free shipping of the voip phone adaptor equipment. So, look for the companies that are offering this. There are number of them out there.

3) Keep your Existing Number

When switching your residential or business land line from a service provider to a VoIP Phone Service, just look for providers who allow you to keep your existing number. This is a especial useful feature with your business phone because your phone number is a critical part of your business and will be beneficial to you if your clients are able to continue to reach you at the same number as before. Due to a phone number change, the last thing you need is the loss of business.

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4) Referral Incentive

Some service providers also offer a referral incentive. They may give a free month of service for every friend you refer. This is a wonderful deal for you and for them.

5) Money Back Guarantee

Since many companies are new at this, so there are sure to be some glitches in the system. Make sure that you choose a service provider that has some type of free trial or money back guarantee which allows you to try out their voip system to make sure that things are running smoothly before making a final commitment by you.

I hope my above points would help you to choose the best one.

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