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How to Have a Flat Tummy in 7 Days

Are you one of those who have always desired a flat tummy but
do not know how to get started? Or you are one of those who
have been trying your hands on several workout programs
without realizing your dream abs? You need not worry any
longer provided you can follow this simple nutrition guide
which will surely your pot belly in seven days flat. In point
of fact you will laugh at your pot belly problems if you can
endeavor to follow this guide.


Pot belly in most cases is traced to our diet. If our diet is
put in order, we can easily eliminate pot belly. In the
process of digestion, the enzymes in our intestine break down
the fats in our diet into calories which then find their ways
into our bodies and abs. The more the fats in our diet, and
consequently the more the calories absorbed into our body as
weight. The seven steps nutrition guide will therefore direct
you on to way to flattening your tummy in 7 days flat.


Design a nutrition or diet plan that is unique to you. Rather
than following a diet plan designed for all and sundry, and
therefore endeavor to design one that is unique to and will
agree with your system. For example there are some foods that
will not agree with your system or probably you might be
allergic to. You need to avoid such foods or else you will
put your health in jeopardy. If you are allergic to Almond
for example but because they say it aids weight loss you take
it, you are putting your health at risk.
When designing your diet plan, endeavor to reduce your
carbohydrate intake to 0.5 X your body weight in grams per
day. Also endeavor to reduce your fats intake to 0.2 X your
body weight in grams per day. Reduce your consumption of
foods like polished rice, frozen foods, pasta, margarine,
pastries etc.
Increase your intake of protein to 1.5 X your body weight in
grams per day. You should therefore increase your intake of
foods like beans, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fish, chicken
Add fiber to your diet. You should increase your intake of
brown rice and wheat bread which are rich in fiber.
Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverage like beer which
stores up in the abs. Endeavor to consume lot of water
(between 8-10 glasses daily). Also endeavor to take lots of
calcium bases milk which helps in weight loss.
Endeavor to eat your meals in smaller portions rather than
large. To keep metabolism. Large meals do not digest easily
and when broken down in the intestine, tends to convert into
calories which go directly into the body and the abs.
Combine Alli Weight Loss Aid with your nutrition plan. It is
the only over the counter product approved by the FDA . The
product is approved for overweight adults in conjunction with
reduced calorie low fat diet. Further, the product helps
overweight people lose 50% more weight than diet alone.

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If you can embrace this nutrition guide, you will lick off
your pot belly problems in no time.

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