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How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels And Blow A Big Load

In this article I’m going to teach you some simple, yet highly effective techniques that you can use to increase your Testosterone levels and ‘blow a big load’.

Right now, you might be wondering:

“Why should I want to increase my testosterone levels and blow a big load?”

And that’s a very good question.

Glad you asked.

Here’s your answer…

More testosterone will lead to less fat and more muscle.

It’ll lead to better performances in sports.

And “YES”, it’ll lead to your blowing bigger loads for your woman.

And here’s a little SECRET that most men don’t realize:

– Women love it when their men blow BIG LOADS

The truth is that women don’t care too much about the size of your penis. What they really want are ORGASMS. But if there’s one area where ‘size does matter’ — it’s to do with the size of your load.

Quite simply — women love big loads.

It excites them.

It turns them on.

It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

So the question is:

“How exactly do you increase your Testosterone Levels and blow a bigger load?”

Here’s how…

How To Increase Your Testosterone Levels And Blow A Big Load

Without resorting to injecting yourself with Testosterone (which I’d never recommend anybody healthy to do), you have 2 main ways to increase your T-Levels…

The first way is with NUTRITION.

In other words — what you EAT and DRINK.

And the second way is with anaerobic exercise.

Let’s talk about anaerobic exercise first.

The simple truth is that if you start doing some of this type of exercise (weight training being the easiest method of anaerobic exercise) — you will increase your T-levels.

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You should do this at least twice a week and the gym is the best place to do it.

Now let’s talk about what you eat and drink.

If you EAT JUNK, you’ll feel like junk and your t-levels will be lower. And you won’t blow impressive loads in the bedroom.

I always recommend to my clients that they eat well 90% of the time if they want to improve their performance in the bedroom — both in terms of ‘blowing bigger loads’ and staying harder for longer.

Here are my 5 key principles for vibrant health, BIGGER LOADS and better performance in the bedroom:

– Drink plenty of water

– Eat lots of vegetables and some fruit

– Eat high quality, organic meats

– Eat plenty of healthy fats (Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Avocados)

– Choose your carbohydrates carefully (Good choices are sweet potato and brown rice)

Of course, blowing a bigger load is just one thing you need to do to SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman.

Source by Adam A Armstrong

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