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How To Lose Weight For Free, Immediately

Are you ready to finally get in shape? Do you have the motivation, but are being held back by the confusing and contradictory information out there on losing weight? Immediate weight loss can be cheap and simple. The answer isn’t as complicated as hundreds of businesses try to convince you it is. Losing weight is a matter of simple science – You can lose 8 pounds per month without truly changing your lifestyle or buying expensive products, diet pills, plans or services. The only reason dieting seems complicated is because businesses step into the middle and try to squeeze out money as you’re shedding weight. Here is a cheap simple immediate plan to for weight loss, without the BS.

You simply need to sustain a calorie deficient diet. That sounds scary and painful, but it isn’t whatsoever. Find out the amount of calories you eat every day, on average. To do this, just add up what’s on the labels of what you eat every day, and at the end of the week, divide by 7. This is the amount of calories that is sustaining how much you weigh right now. Losing weight is so simple and easy this way, all you need to do is subtract a few hundred calories, and you WILL lose weight immediately (within a week), guaranteed. Does that sound too straight forward and easy? With the way commercials and products try to brainwash you, it just might.

You can do this without even giving up what you eat. The easy way to do this is cut down on sugar from your diet. If you drink soda, switch to diet soda. A can of coke has nearly 200 calories of sugar in it, and sugar is more fattening than fat! If you sweeten coffee, tea, or anything else with sugar, switch to Splenda or another no-calorie sweetener. This is cheap and simple and will lead to weight loss within days or weeks. You don’t even have to sacrifice the flavors and food you love. The best part is this is permanent weight loss!

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If you’re still not losing weight by subtracting a few hundred calories, subtract a hundred more until you’re at that level. Drink tea or coffee sweetened with Splenda. A hot (seemingly) sugary beverage with caffeine will distract your appetite and give you a boost of energy. Otherwise, just switch to less fattening versions of the same products. If you’re eating 3000 calories per day, you WILL immediately lose weight on 2800 calories. It will only take a week or two to see results, and you might even save money in the process. If you can carry around a pen and pad of paper in your purse or back pocket, you can do this!


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