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How to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Constantly increasing number of women who most of my life overweight and constantly in a state of war with him. “Good” advice and “most effective” means for losing weight abound today. Ladies clutch at them as a lifeline to lose 5-10 kg, then the diet ends and the weight comes back to the original.

This tactic of struggle against excess weight is called the syndrome of the accordion: it was on this musical instrument is like a body that is compressed, then stretched under the influence of diets and the subsequent “otedaniya.” And over the years, “shrink” it is becoming increasingly difficult, but it increases with surprising ease.

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days Process

Do women still do not understand what dietary restrictions like “Lose weight in 7 days, and then eat all you want” is meaningless? Maybe it’s time to think about why you are so easy to gain weight, and your friend who eats twice as much, just does not get better?

Refer to an endocrinologist, who will say that, all you have in order to metabolism. If you find any violation by adjusting them, you will get rid of extra pounds. But the doctor can point out another, more widespread problem – a genetic predisposition to the active assimilation of fats from food.


A few million years of evolution to humans is not in vain. Hearty meal, when they could get food, were replaced by long periods of hunger, and as a result of natural selection survive only those individuals who might accumulate more fat and, therefore, through the hard times. In our time, a property of the body brings more harm than good. At a time when a lot of food and it is nowhere “not going away”, “wasteful” genotype is feeling better. And overweight people get sick more often, they are more often diagnosed with “infertility.”

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If you have thoroughly examined and no metabolic you were not found, it is necessary to realize one simple thing: you eat more than you need. Took time to form different eating habits! For example, the soup, which was appropriate in half-starved life, now is not mandatory: there are a lot of “extra” calories; it day by day “stretches” your stomach. Changing habits can “find”, “find” that the composition and quantity of products that allow you to maintain a healthy weight throughout life.


And here’s another thing to remember. Having made the decision to weight loss, be sure to “reach” of medical standards. That is, if you have 25 extra pounds, you need to get rid of all twenty-five, instead of five or ten. Remember, fat – it’s a big endocrine gland that secretes substances that contribute to an increase in deposits. Therefore, the lower the percentage of fat in the body, the less, regardless of affiliation to a particular genotype, you are prone to obesity. Just having a normal weight, you will be able to fully fed, without gaining an “extra”, and will be able to get rid of the diseases that have fat people!

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