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How to Maintain Your Weight After Fat Loss

There are many people gain weight back after losing it. Did this happen to you?
I think it can make people feel very frustrated. And some may lose confidence and begin binge eating and then become fatter.
However, is weight gain unavoidable? If not, how to do to avoid gaining weight back?
In fact, if you do it right, weight gain is not inevitable.
And it is simple, all we need to do to stop gaining fat back and maintain your desired weight is keep on eating healthy food and erercising, and adjusting your eating and exercising gradually during 2 to 3 month.

1. Diet. Many guys start eating a lot after weight loss. This is one of the primary causes that they cannot  keep the weight from returning. If you suddenly increase your eating, and you don’t do more exercise to consume the excess intake, that extra energy may store as fat in your body.  Then you gain weight back. So you must slowly and step by step adjust your eating to a reasonable level. And keep in mind, hold on eating health food & don’t go binge eating.

2. Exercise. Somethimes, exercise can be dull and even difficult. It do also cost time. As a  matter of fact, numerous people don’t like to do workout, they do it just because they wish to be slim.  When they get their goal weight, they’ll stop doing exercise instantly.  Unluckily, this is the other cause of regaining weight. Just like diet, you can’t stop doing workouts and exercises all at  once. If not, it may also lead to the weight back because of less expense. You should gradually decrease in exercising. At Last, 30 minutes’  aerobic exercise every two days will be OK.
By the way, doing workout can keep you healthy, no matter if you wish to lose weight, it’s worthwhile to  take some time to do exercise daily.

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In short, we need to spend two to three month to let the body gradually adapt to our new dieting and exercising system. And we still need to keep on eating health food and doing exercises after achieving our goal weight.
If you follow the hints, it’s easy to maintain your desired weight.

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