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How to Make Fenugreek Oil For Hair + Benefits & Uses

oil fenugreek is another
hair oil homemade which is very good for premature aging.
Since India is a very hot country, we always prefer and
appreciate the things that keep our body cool and refreshed.
This oil is an amazing fenugreek oil that keeps our cool and
regular application treats premature graying body. Many
readers ask me how long it takes for these oils to homemade
hair to solve their hair problems. For hair loss, regular
application of oils for hair homemade, along with a very good
diet traditional hair loss stops very quickly and
significantly delays premature graying if you are prone to
it. However, to reverse the premature aging process, you have
to constantly use oil of at least 10 to 12 months to see good
results. As I keep repeating for all home remedies, please be
patient and be regular with the application to see the
results. This oil is very effective and the process is also
very unique and no cooking involved in making oil at all.
This oil is made by germination of fenugreek seeds in the
flesh of Aloe Vera and once it has germinated fenugreek seeds
are dried in the sun until crisp and then added to the
unrefined oil homemade coconut along with the following
vetiver and sundried again the second time. As you can see in
the list of ingredients, each and every ingredient is ideal
for hair and keeps the body cool. You also need plenty of
sunlight to make this oil. Since it is not going to heat up,
the oil must be hot to have a long life. The only thing that
many find difficult is the germination of fenugreek seeds
Aloe Vera meat. It is quite easy if the right way to do it in
another fenugreek seeds will mold easily known. To do this
properly, take the fresh Aloe Vera leaf and cut in half,
sprinkle fenugreek seeds and tie with a loose thread. Meat
should be touching the fenugreek seeds, providing enough
moisture to germinate but if the Aloe Vera leaf is tied too
tight, the seeds feugreek spoil. Once you get the hang of it,
you can easily make this oil. Although it takes some time to
make this oil, which is so worth it. This oil can be used by
everyone and regulate the application to largely avoid
premature aging. For people who suffer from premature aging,
with regular application can slowly reverse the process. This
oil will strengthen the hair roots and prevent hair loss if
used regularly. This oil is a hair every day of application
and not for weekly treatment oil bath.

1. Take a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera and cut it in two. Now take
fenugreek seeds and sprinkle between the cutting blade.
Although it remains intact aside, I would advise cut
completely in two.

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2.Tie both parts cut with a loose thread ensure that
fenugreek seeds are in contact with meat Aloe Vera .

2. Within 48 hours fenugreek seeds have sprouted. Take the
seeds in a dish and dried in the sun until crisp.

3. Take dried fenugreek seeds, vetiver root in a bowl and add
coconut oil to it and sun dried until the oil is heated very
well. Be sure to cover the top of the oil with a fine mesh to
prevent dust being deposited in the oil. Try to heat the oil
under the hot sun for at least 2 days.

4. Oil color will not change at all. Strain the oil and store
in a glass jar and everyday use.


  • If fenugreek seeds have not sprouted well, wait for
    something more of time.
  • Try using fresh Aloe Vera leaf for seeds to germinate
  • The sun drying part is very important and can not skip at
  • This oil has a mild and pleasant scent of vetiver root.

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