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How to Make Lemongrass Oil

which discussed the use of lemongrass oil for scalp
problems in a previous article – to reduce scalp
inflammation and irritation with lemongrass oil
shared a recipe for this. If lemon grass grows around your
home and you are interested in making your own lemongrass
oil, keep reading. Stalks of lemongrass yield a good amount
of oil, which should last for a while. Moreover, the process
is simple and the prep time is minimal.

Most of lemongrass in the market is obtained through
steam distillation. This procedure is common for extracting
elements of plant materials, as lower temperatures are



  • Remove the leaves from the stem and break into
    pieces. Let the stems are dried before use. wet stems will
    be mortar and pestle ruin the mix.
  • Crush in a mortar and pestle then transferred to a
    glass jar of medium size.
  • Heat the oil of your choice without boiling.
  • Fill the jar with stems, close set aside on a
  • Leave to infuse for 3 days.
  • Then strain the oil through cheesecloth or mesh
    strainer. Squeeze the gauze until the oil reaches the
    stems. Discard the stems later.
  • Transfer to a dark bottle and store in a cool place.
    He should last up to a year.

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