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How to prevent hair loss naturally

Sudden or dramatic hair loss can be a distressing thing and it can occur for many reasons. Stress can be a factor, as can diet. Women will often experience temporary hair loss after childbirth. Whatever the reason, it can have a real effect on a person’s confidence. It is usually better to try natural remedies before you progress to anything more drastic. Here we look at the kinds of remedies or natural hair loss treatment readily available for anyone:

Vitamin E Oil: Rubbing some vitamin E oil into your scalp the night before shampooing can stimulate hair growth. Vitamin E contains important antioxidants that work to boost the immune system and improve circulation to the scalp. Scalp massages also improve circulation and help to stimulate hair growth, so the two of these things combined should produce a noticeable effect.

Herbal Hair Oils: Vitamin E is not the only oil you can try to increase hair growth. There are plenty of herbal hair oils available as natural hair loss treatment to be applied to the scalp. Herb and plant oils contain nutrients and compounds with many healing and repair properties. Just make sure, when you are choosing hair oil, to go for a hair products manufacturer which is well-respected in the industry and comes recommended by experts.

Diet: The food you eat can also have a major impact on the way your hair grows. Eat plenty of salmon, dark green vegetables, beans, whole grains and eggs. All of these contain important nutrients and vitamins to keep your hair strong and healthy and help it to grow quicker. Some of these also help your immune system, which as mentioned above is a vital factor in keeping your hair strong.

Stress Levels: Hair loss is not just down to physiological sources. Stress can also cause it to fall out, and even the most apparently physically healthy person can be affected. When you are stressed your sebaceous glands will produce more sebum, which will also give the hair a waxy and unhealthy appearance.

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Cold Showers: Sometimes the simplest remedies are also worth a try. If you wash your hair with warm water and, right at the end, give it a good blast with very cold water (as cold as you can bear) it can help stimulate hair growth.

If you have tried all the above and your hair continues to fall out at an alarming rate, you should really consult your doctor as the cause could be more serious. Hair loss is common so it’s unlikely to be something more sinister, but it’s always best to be certain.

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