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How to Switch to VOIP from Landline

VOIP is the latest telecommunication technology that will connect your phone line to your internet line with the help of VOIP equipment like Linksys or Cisco devices. It’s not difficult to use VOIP, as what other people perceives it to be. You just need to have high speed internet like DSL or Cable internet in order for you to use the service.

If you would like to switch to VOIP from landline, here’s what you need to do:

Get DSL or cable internet, if you already have it then good for you because you are maximizing your savings.

Get VOIP equipment or commonly known as phone adapter. This adapter will connect your phone line to your internet connection. Most VOIP provider will provide you the equipment either for rent or for purchase.

No need to worry if you can’t drop your number, with VOIP you can switch phone service with out changing your number.  Your VOIP provider will give you instructions on how to successfully transfer your phone number.

Once the number transfer is complete, you can do the home wiring yourself and all the phones in the house will be getting the same line. Before you rewire the entire house with VOIP line, you make sure that you are totally disconnected from your landline provider. To do this, you have to go outside your house and locate the demarcation box. The demarcation box is where the phone company’s network connects with the customer’s phone wiring. Once you have located the demarcation point, open it and locate the line that is connected to the phone wiring inside the house, then unplug it so you will be disconnected totally from your previous provider. After doing this, you are now free to use your home wiring for VOIP. No need to change any current phone settings. Just keep one phone jack empty, and then connect your VOIP adapter to it. The rest of the phones will get the same VOIP line. Just don’t forget to connect the VOIP adapter to your internet modem or router.

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