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How your Blackberry softphone can save you money

Using a Blackberry is great fun. No matter where you are, as long as you are within reach of the cell phone network you can make and receive calls on your Blackberry as normal, and if you are within range of a wireless internet connection you can also surf the internet, access your email and read file attachments. However, you can now do much more with your Blackberry, thanks to the advent of the Blackberry softphone. Whereas, up until now you have been limited by the range of the cell phone network as to where and when you could make phone calls on your Blackberry, now with a Blackberry softphone, you can also use the internet to make those calls, and you won’t have to pay nearly as much for them as when you use your cell phone minutes. A softphone is a computer program that lets you use the internet to make telephone calls, rather like Skype. Until very recently there was no softphone for Blackberries, but now the Blackberry softphone is a reality. Even if there is a cell phone network signal available, you can choose to use the internet and your Blackberry softphone to make calls, rather than the cell phone signal, thereby avoiding using your cell phone minutes which will cost you a lot more than using the Blackberry softphone. A Blackberry softphone, for all that it is quite a pricey piece of electronics, can actually save you money. The Blackberry softphone can only be used because the Blackberry can access the internet, which is how a softphone works. It uses the internet to make calls, so it is precisely because the Blackberry is so great and lets you access the internet that a Blackberry softphone is possible. Of course, this isn’t especially common knowledge yet – the cell phone companies want you to use your cell phone minutes, as that is how they make their money, but if you can make your calls for much cheaper using a Blackberry softphone, why wouldn’t you? Of course, the benefits of a Blackberry softphone don’t stop at the pricing, although that is a huge benefit. Just think, no matter where you are in the world, you can keep in touch by way of a Blackberry softphone, because the internet doesn’t care where you are, whereas the cell phone companies know when you aren’t in your home country and will charge you for calls made and received accordingly. So, get this. With a Blackberry softphone, you don’t even need the cell phone network in order to make a call. That’s right! As long as you are within range of a wireless internet connection, you can use the internet and the Blackberry softphone to make that call and you can stay in touch for a tiny charge, especially when compared to how much it would cost you to make that call from a beach in Borneo or wherever you happen to be on your cell phone. The Blackberry softphone is truly a godsend to those of us who need to stay in touch whenever, wherever, but who resent paying through the nose for the privilege.

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