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If You Are an Endurance Athlete in Training, Then You Must Progress Your Cardio!

Are you thinking about competing in a race or event? If so
then you need to have a smart training program planned out.
The key to your success is progression. You probably already
know what I’m talking about, but if not then I will elaborate
in this article.

To be successful in your endurance training you have to make
sure that you progress your cardiovascular program to gain
optimal benefit! In other words, if you start out running
today and can only make it a mile and the event you are
competing in requires you to run 3 miles then you obviously
have to progress yourself to be able to get to that point.
Now this may sound easy, but it can be trickier than you
think depending on what kind of event you are going to be
competing in.

For instance, if you are competing in something that requires
you to accomplish multiple events such as a triathlon then
you have to be able to accomplish great distances and exert a
lot of physical effort in 3 different types of physical
athletic feats. This would require a great deal of training,
but especially smart training so that you don’t wear out your
joints and over train your body when race time arrives.

To be really competent and smart about this you should
implement a well balanced training program over the course of
the coming weeks that steadily increases in “total work
volume” leading up to the actual event. You want to make sure
that you steadily add distance and intensity to every workout
up until right before your competition. This way you are at
“peak” physical condition when you start to compete.

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Just make sure that you are smart about developing optimal
athletic performance when training for your endurance event.
This way you can ensure not only success, but you lay the
foundation for many more victories in the future!

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