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Is it true that When a sneeze stop Heart

Many people believe that this is because the heart beat when
we stop sneezing. That’s why we should praise the Lord that
is still valid after the heart stops for a moment. But it is
true that our heart stops when you sneeze? It turns out that
this is only a myth.
sneeze,Heart Sneezing
starts with a Tickle feeling in the nose. The nerve endings
then sends a signal to the brain, indicating the presence of
something disturbing airway. The brain then sends signals to
the body to remove it. Then the body reacts by preparing to
take a deep breath and clenched his chest muscles. This
increased pressure on the lungs, eyes closed, and sneezing.

When sneezes enormous pressure in the chest that can change
the blood flow. It also automatically changes the heart rate,
so it’s a little too late. Because the heart rate after a
sneeze is usually more difficult, therefore, many people
believe that sneezing heart stop for a moment, as offered by
the Health Me Up (17/02).

There are some other myths that are believed to be related to
sneeze. One is that someone believes that the spirit will
leave the body through the nose when sneezing. But of course
this is only a superstition believed unnecessary. Now you
know the truth behind the myths about sneezing.

Sneezing, the heart does not stop ticking and will continue
to operate normally. But that does not mean that you can not
praise God after he sneezed sneezing, as well as the process
of the natural functions of the body at the same time
grateful. Imagine if foreign matter present in the nasal
cavity was not immediately released when sneezing, foreign
matter may enter and cause respiratory problems at a later

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