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Is This the Best Kept Secret to Lose Belly Fat?

Some time ago, Tom Stanton managed to lose belly fat with his secret weight loss recipe but his colleague still fondly called him the pregnant man.

Before he lost his belly fat, he was carrying a 40 inches waistline on his 191 pounds frame. If you have met Tom, you would never believe he was that fat. At 5 feet 7 inches, he had lost 53 pounds since the old days.

He got the title, the pregnant man from his colleagues. That was how they called him fondly because of his big tummy.

Then he embarked on a weight loss regime with s special and easy strategy he put together to lose belly fat and get ripped abs.

You are about to learn his personal 5 steps secret to lose belly fat now.

1) Changed His Eating Habits

He chose to bake, boil and steam his food. In the past, he meal consisted mainly of sweet and fried stuff. It had changed. While his love for fried chicken wings and soda never change, he only has them twice a week now. He also chose unrefined carbs and ate more vegetables and fruits.

When he need oil, only 2 to be used – coconut oil or extra pure virgin oil. That’s one of his secret to lose belly fat fast.

2) The Natural Appetite Suppressant from God

He knew well that to lose belly fat, he needed to cut calories intake. The easy way was to halve the portion size. That’s about 800 calories reduction for him. He took a hoodia gordonii supplement 1/2 hour before meal. It was the toning abs story that inspired him to use hoodia gordonii. Because he picked a 4 stars rated hoodia supplement, that made him satisfied even though he was eating significantly lesser.

No hunger pangs, no cranky or lethargic feeling even with less food once he was on hoodia. He made sure to walk for 1/2 an hour daily just to rev up his metabolism to lose belly fat fast!

Only 3 days and he started to feel his jean loosen up. He was excited and motivated. 1 week later, he needed a belt just to hold his pair of jean in place. “It was easy to lose belly fat”, he thought.

While hoodia supplement was a necessary part of his strategy to lose belly fat, it was intended only to curb his hunger during this period of time and also to help him create a new healthy eating habit. When he got use to eat nutritiously, he stopped the hoodia supplement and went on the next step – master cleanse detox.

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3) Quick and Easy Detox with Master Cleanse

Most people got turned off having to starve themselves for 10 days with master cleanse. Tom was different because he was following a modern day formulation which allowed him to eat. Also he did an express detox which lasted only 3 days with another a day to ease in and another to ease out of the cleanse.

He enjoyed the modern master cleanse formulation. It was a refreshing break and since he was able to eat, he didn’t mind at all.

The secret husk added also made him full while at the same time loosen the compacted material in his colon which later got flush out in his daily excretion.

Just 3 weeks and he was 18 pounds lighter. He was able to lose belly fat – a huge chunk of them quite easily.

Feeling motivated, he wanted a toned abs. But he needed to lose belly fat first – all of it.

4) Belly and Soy Products are Things of the Past

Through some research, he found an abs expert, Mike who shared the tips and tricks to get ripped abs.

It came as a surprise because soy-based products were thought to be health food. In the end, it was one of the culprits that added inches to the waistline. He wasn’t surprise that beer was another culprit. After all, we also called it a big belly beer belly, right?

The estrogenic compounds in beer and soy based products were adding inches to the belly. In fact, unknown to most men, estrogenic compounds were also causing the accumulation of fats on the chest area (commonly known as man boobs). For ladies, most are turned into belly fat that they had a hard time to lose belly fat.

5) Great Abs with Weird Exercises

Mike taught Tom a series of abs toning exercises including stability ball hip flexion, lying leg thrusts and stability ball plank holds.

Tom was a little surprise because he thought he needed to lose belly fat by doing cardio and crunches. Anyway, he following the instructions since Mike was the man with washboard abs.

These exercises were only tip of the ice bergs. There were many interesting and fun exercises that Tom did to lose belly fat and develop ripped abs.

6 weeks later, Tom could see his abs. His lean and trimmed frame was 11% body fat was the attestation that this 5 steps formula worked. It was easy. Interested to lose belly fat and get toned abs? Copy his resources to lose belly fat then.

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