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It Will Be Paid

They say nothing comes for free.  That is so untrue!  I am a servant of God.  What I do comes for free.  I write poetry on poetry.com and blog on blogspot.com.  I do it for free.  It costs me nothing.  It is free to read.  You do count. 

This world is hard with all the pressure we get form people that do not think we are enough.  In reality we do not think we are enough.  We are enough to Jesus.  He suffered on the cross and is alive right here and now as God.  We have sinned and he did that for us. 

Christ is sinless. 

There is no greater act of love than God sending His favorite son to cure as well as teach.  His wisdom lives in our hearts.  He passes it on through the written word which is the bible.  I read the bible and Christian books.  I want to share Jesus.  He paid the price for us.  We still have to pay for those things that do not come for free. 

Be careful. 

There are those that are satisfied.  No one is truly satisfied.  I have enough.  Ask the Lord for Jesus.  Let Him fill you with Christ’s love.  Be fulfilled with the Lord.  Your spirit will have joy.  It will give, laugh, and sing.  It will not steal, laugh at, or bicker.

God has great things in store for you. 

Look for Him.  Be of Him.  Accept Him.  It is great being a Christian.  Be of the good and light.  Do not be deceived by that which is lies.  Tell the Lord truth.  Read the truth which is the Holy Bible.  It will have you in anguish yet your every desire will be met.  Your anguish will be joy then the price will be marked down. 

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I love you. 

Live free.  Do good to your fellow sister and brother.  Pray for those who hurt you.  Tell the Lord your pains and wrongs.  You will then be right with the Lord.  It will take time.  The miracles will happen.  See them.  Look for how the Lord has already blessed you through Christ’s death. Thank God for it.  Then let your spirit sour.  Do not let anyone tell you that you do not deserve.  Jesus loves the meek, humble, and truthful.  Let them mark down the price through the price Jesus already paid. 


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