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Latino Health

Latino Health Issues.  Latino Health Surprises and
Strengths.  Public Policy that affects and influences
Latinos and health.  How we define, engage and protect our
own health

And, perhaps most important, how these issues affect us and our
day to day lives.

Health is applicable to every area of our being — we talk about
emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.  We also
discuss our financial health.

I chose this issue for this month, January, since health issues
— and getting “healthier” in a number of ways — seem to be on
everyone’s minds.  

We take up exercise (or head back to the gym), promise to get
out of debt, or perhaps even think about going to church more,
sticking with a meditation program or getting “toxic” folks out
of our life.

Health is about our environment as a whole, not just the
physical environment, but also the psychic environment — who we
let in our lives an influence our energy.  And these
health issues are sometimes out of our control.  We’ll
also consider what in our world influences our health in our
communities — asthma, environmental toxins, our housing, etc.

There are community health centers that focus on, and cater to,
Latino populations.  These centers often (but not always)
understand that Latinos may think very differently about health

For example, Latinos have for a long time understood at some
level that our emotions influence our health, and vice versa.
 You can probably think of some examples of this.

Some of our families’ “superstitious” ways and folk medicine
have been remedies for the things that ail us.

And although in certain ways Latino communities have been very
progressive from a health angle, in other ways, we have been
less than open.

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Mental health issues have long been a stigma in our communities
— sometimes to the extent that we refuse to acknowledge even in
our own families that something might be drastically wrong.
 Issues such as schizophrenia, depression and manic
disorders may not be recognized at all.

And our sexual health and well-being is something that is also
not often addressed.

How do we take care of our own health, and do so in a way that
encourages not only our own well-being, but that of those in
our communities as well?

This month we’ll hear from women who work in different health
arenas, and find out what issues they see, and how they deal
with health concerns in their own lives.

What about YOU?  In what ways do you want to get
healthier?  What are your challenges, and what are your
strengths?  Go for it, chica!  This is the year to
become the most Powerful Latina yet…

Aurelia Flores wants to offer a learning opportunity to other
women who might find themselves in similar shoes. She
strongly believes women can learn from other women, no matter
where they are in their career or life path.

Aurelia Flores went from single teenage mother in an abusive
relationship to Stanford Law School grad and Senior Counsel
for a Fortune 500 company and has overcome obstacles and
founded Powerful Latinas to get Latina women to learn and
share with one another.  Powerful-Latinas mission is
“helping powerful Latina women stay grounded in their
power!”  To find out more, go to

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