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Learn How To Stop Arguing With Your Wife

Arguing with your wife is never pleasant. In fact constant arguing is one of the worst things which can happen in any relationship. If the constant arguing does not stop then this may lead to a breakdown of the relationship.
Now due to the very fact that you are reading this article you as a husband want to know how to stop arguments with your wife. Well thats good because stopping arguments is really quite easy once you understand why arguments happen in the first place.
And arguments happen because men and women are different and communicate differently.
Men say what they mean. If they are happy they say so. If they are sad, they will also tell you.
A woman does not communicate in such a straight forward matter. With women you need to understand that they are in fact speaking in code most of the time and you need to guess the secret meaning of what they are really trying to say.
Now that you know this, stopping arguments and, even better, never having them in the first place is a peice of cake. 
For example, you want to watch the football in the evening:
Wife: Why are you watching the football again. You never spend any time with me!
You: What do you mean i never spenD time with you. We were together all weekend. 
Wife: No you don’t, all you care about is football etc…
The problem here is the man thought the wife was saying “you never spend any time with me”. But she wasn’t saying that. She was saying “please listen to my concerns and validate what I am saying”.
Therefore to stop or prevent any argument give her what she wants. Validation and understanding. Just repeat this script EVERY time you feel an argument coming along.
Wife: Why are you watching the football again. You never spend any time with me!
You: I understand what you are saying and thanks for letting me know. You are completley correct to feel that way and let me reassure you that after the football has finished we will spend some time together.
Wife: That’s great honey. Thanks.

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