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Let’s recognize the 5 hidden facts of heart disease

Of course, many people who know and fear this disease one.
Yes, heart disease is one of the deadly diseases other than
HIV / AIDS or cancer. But how to be able to recognize the
symptoms of a heart attack?
Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in many
countries, especially the United States. In general, they
will be felt the classic symptoms of coronary artery disease
when a person is experiencing pain in the center of the
chest, while lifting something heavy objects, while running
or even when sitting in the door. Here are some things you
should know the symptoms of heart disease.

  • The symptoms of heart disease are not always the focal
    point of the chest. Sometimes the symptoms appear to bring a
    feeling of breathlessness, chest tightness, pain in the left
    shoulder, left arm, neck, jaw and back.
  • In addition to pain on the first point, sometimes the
    symptoms is also indicated by the appearance of nausea,
    vomiting, weakness, dizziness, hiccups, shortness of breath
    and excessive sweating.
  • A heart attack can affect anyone, regardless of whether a
    person is obese, has a history of diabetes, smoking or not.
    In a report published by the American Heart Association in
    the State of Uncle Sam, there are about 100,000 more people
    who have a heart attack even though these people have no
    problems with their cardiovascular section.
  • seems that the idea of ​​a heart attack only be
    experienced by men only, but in reality the same as men,
    women are not safe from heart disease. For women, the most
    common symptom is a sudden fainting.
  • There are things that must be considered in the exercise
    in order not to cause a heart attack, especially for those
    who are over 40 years old. Every time you start exercising,
    you should be slowly and gradually to the level of load and
    speed, as well as its duration.
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