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33 How do I know when I should see a registered dietitian?

See a registered dietitian (RD) when your diabetes is first diagnosed, when a new doctor changes your treatment plan, or twice a year for a routine review of your meal plan and goals. See the RD more often if:

• You want to improve diabetes control.

• You experience lifestyle or schedule changes, such as a new job, marriage, or pregnancy.

• Your nutritional needs keep changing (this is true for children).

• You’ve begun an exercise program or had a change in diabetes medication.

• You feel bored, frustrated, or unmotivated to use your meal plan.

• You have unexplained high and low blood-sugar levels.

• You’re concerned about weight or blood-fat levels.

• You’ve developed nutrition-related complications, such as high blood pressure or kidney disease.

We recommend having an RD on your diabetes team. Ask your doctor or hospital for a referral. You can call the American Diabetes Association (800-DIABETES), The American Dietetic Association (800-877-1600), or the American Association of Diabetes Educators (800-TEAM-UP-4) for referrals. Many RDs are certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and have additional training in diabetes care.

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The above is an excerpt from the book What to Expect When You Have Diabetes
by The American Diabetes Association
Published by Good Books;  June 2008;$9.95US; 978-1-56148-630-4
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