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Loose Weight Fast Diet

There are so many diets around that it must be very confusing for anyone wishing to loose weight.
It is a fact that a lot of diets do work,they help you loose weight.
But the truth is that there are healthy and unhealthy ways to loose weight.

Following my tips you will be using a healthy method of slimming with the following benefits:

1 You will loose weight reasonably fast.

2 You will maintain your weight loss.

3 You will have more energy.

4 Your friends will tell you how much younger you look.

5 You will look and feel healthier.

With this program there is no need to count calories.We use a different method much easier and more effective.

Just follow these tips and in no time you will notice a big difference.

All foods are categorised as follows:

A Low calorie foods

All vegetables fresh or cooked in water or steam with minimum or no oil or dressing.

Eat as much as you like from this category as many times as you like .If you fancy a snack at 10 in the morning or 3 in the
afternoon you can eat some carrots, celery sticks and so on.You will not gain any weight from this lot,in fact it will help you
loose weight.

B Medium calorie foods


Eat enough of these fresh.
You can eat them at breakfast mid morning and mid afternoon.
They must be consumed on their own and not after a heavy meal.

C High calorie foods

These include meat cheese eggs, bread, pasta ,butter and nuts of all kind,and concentrated food like dates.

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Eat all these in moderation.
If you must have meat every day do not eat more than about 100 grams. Just enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Bread must be wholemeal.

Milk also in moderation as you can get most of your calcium from green plants.

D Forbidden foods

Sugar except what is contained in fruit.
fried food
fast food
cakes of all kinds


In addition to above diet, exercise is a must.
Take 30 minute walks twice a day or if you prefer use the Gym or a sport. Try to make it a daily habit.


Following these rules you will loose weight keep it off have more energy and feel healthier.
1.Eat as much salad and boiled veg as you like as often as you like but no oily dressings.All salads and veg are low
calorie foods.
2.Eat 3-5 pieces of fruit a day these are medium calorie food.
3.Eat 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread a day. This is high calorie food.
4.Eat up to 100 grams of meat a day no more with fat removed again high calorie food.
6.Use skimmed milk ,cheese in moderation.
7.Do not use sugar honey or soft drinks no butter marg or any other oil as they all are high calorie food.
8. Nuts and concentrated food like dates in moderation high calorie food.
9.Have 2 separate 1/2 hour walks every day,or if you prefer use the Gym.

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