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Losing 10 pounds a week

Losing 5 to 10 pounds a week? Is it possible? Only with doing
exercise at least 10 minute a day, drinking a lot of water,
getting plenty of fiber, you are able to do that. Let’s start
with following useful tips:


Eat fiber


Your body can hold from 10 to 20 pounds fecal matter that
results in increasing your weight. Yet eating more fiber can
helps you are easy to dispose of fecal matter which is inside
your body that make your weight lose in a week.

Drink a lot of waters


Many people are not familiar with drinking over 6 glasses a
day. Your body often holds over 5 pounds of water to keep you
living if you do not drink enough water that causes increase
your weight. Drinking plenty of water not only release
unessential water but also get rid of bowel movements like
eating fiber. That’s why you also lose some weight only by
drinking water.


10 minutes of exercise a day


The main reason for weight increasing is the amount of calories
that you take in is more than that you take out. Therefore, to
lose your weight, you have to burn calories more than you
absorb them. Going for walk for 10 minutes, doing exercise for
10 minutes or play some sports will burn some of those extra
calories and fat cells.


Don’t eat as much


Increasing weight is resulted from eating much. To be thinner,
you should eat half a plate of food instead of a full plate.
However remember that you have to eat enough 3 meals a day.
Controlling your meal can keep your metabolism going and burn
off the calories.

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Get a Good Study Guide


Apart from taking a walk or eating a little less, you also need
more useful information to lose weight effectively. This
information is available in Weight Loss Study
in  so you are easy to find out the free
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Actually, weight loss is not completely easy. Maybe you will
confuse to search the best way to make extra weight disappear.
Now you are possible to start with Weight Loss Study
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Lost 50 pounds and it hasn’t felt better. Everyday I feel
lucky that I was able to lose all those pounds. Now I hope
that I can just help others too.

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