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Losing weight is a matter of mind – how your thoughts push or avert weight reduction

British scientists of „Bioscience for the future” (http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk) found out that losing weight is mainly a matter of your mind.

The biggest problem of many who are facing a diet or a change of their nutrition is the perceived feeling of dissatisfaction which you get if you do not consume your usual amount of food.

The scientists tested whether the amount of food or your thoughts decide about the satisfaction after a meal.

Two tests have been done:

Two groups have been served fruit shakes („smoothie”). Both groups consumed the same amount of the drink, but during preparation time they have been shown different amounts of ingredients. The group to which a larger portion of ingredients have been shown has been satisfied for a longer time after the meal.

A second test has been carried out with a soup bowl which was connected to a pump, a special prepared test gadget. With the pump the scientists could reduce or increase the amount of soup in the bowl while the test persons were eating. The result was that the origin of the satisfaction of a person is not the amount of food consumed, but the amount which the person thought he has consumed.

What does this mean for your daily life? It can be assumed that food needs to be labelled in a different way, because so called “light”-products send a signal to human underconsiousness that this food is not satisfiying. It might be relabelled to “releases from hunger” or “satisfying”. It sounds really funny, but your mind takes part in the decision if the meal was satisfying or not.

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If you want to change eating habits or pursue a diet you have to change your idea of how it works. It is not all about keeping a stiff upper lip with a diet. A diet should be supported in future by mental training to change the perception of portion sizes.

A forward-looking workshop in areas of sport or nutrition should be, according to this, offer support by a mental trainer to ensure the enduring success of a diet or lifestyle change. The mental trainer can complete the consultation with valuable tips how to cope with the lifestyle change in the daily life and keep a good shape in the long run.

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